How To Add Google As the Search Provider into Internet Explorer and Default to It


Both IE 8 & 9 have the awesome bar that integrates the search and web address together. If you want to search, you don’t have to go to Google or Bing first to do the search. You can type in the keywords right in the address bar and hit Enter. IE then automatically searches the term in the default search provider and displays the results after. As you can guess, Bing is always the default search provider in IE so if you don’t change it you will always be using it for any search triggered by the awesome bar.

To those who prefer using Google as the default search provider,

First, Add the Google Search Provider.

And then, go to Manage Add-on window. In IE 8, go to Tools and Manage Add-ons. For IE 9, click on the Gear icon at the top right corner and go to Manage Add-ons.

Select Google from the list, and click on Set as default button. And Close.


For IE 9, you can quickly switch between the search providers right from the awesome bar. Just click the little down arrow beside the search magnifier, and change it at the bottom of the list.


For IE 8, you can simply change it from the search bar next to the address bar.

I was a little bit struggled to find the Google Search Provider earlier, and that’s why I thought it might be helpful as someone may need it.



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