How To Add Mac Style Volume Control On-Screen Indicator in Windows 7


There are many ways you can tweak your Windows 7 to make it looks more like a Mac. The most common way is to get ride off the taskbar and add a Mac Style dock. How you customize your Windows 7 is totally up to you, but we got a tip for you Mac lover but Windows user 🙂

You can now add the on screen volume changer indicator in Windows 7. Yes its those that will animate fade in and fade out volume controls in Mac, and you can bring it to your Windows thanks to 3RVX


Go ahead download this little tool and this take over the default Windows Volume control. In the notification area you will see an addition volume icon and from there you get more settings option.

default_settings And yes, whenever you adjust the volume it will play the exact same sound effect as in Mac OS X. Of course you can also change those as well under general settings tab.


Control where it displays on your screen.


Shortcuts for volumes.


And you guessed there are more skins you can download




Download 3RVX

Download 3RVX Skins


  1. 3RVX does not get the job done. In windows you have to click the Volume Button 50 times for it to go from 0-100. In Mac You only have 10, which is way better, who the hell wants to click the freakin button 50 times?

  2. Sorry to say, this works for the most part, but eventually takes away ability to use scroll wheel on mouse in browser/application windows vertical scroll bars.

    Has anyone else had this issue?


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