[How To] Add More Wallpapers to Existing Themes in Windows 7


image22 - [How To] Add More Wallpapers to Existing Themes in Windows 7

One of our users sent us an email the other day asking if we can find information on how to create your own themes or add more wallpapers to existing themes. Well, while it’s a lot more stuff to fill in for creating a new theme, here is some information on how to add own wallpapers to existing themes.

Option 1

The default theme configuration files that come with Windows 7 are all located in c:\windows\resources\themes folder. You can find 6 of them there after you first installed Windows 7.

image20 - [How To] Add More Wallpapers to Existing Themes in Windows 7

But all wallpaper files are not saved in the same folder. Instead, you can find them in c:\windows\web\wallpaper folder, in each organized subfolder.

All you need to do is copy your own wallpaper image files to the folder that has the same theme name you would like to use. And enable them in desktop background slide show in control panel after.

Option 2:

If you already have a folder that contains all wallpapers you would like to show up on your desktop, you can simply go to Personalization > Desktop Background control panel, and select the folder from the Picture Location box. You can also select or deselect the pictures that you don’t want to show.

image21 - [How To] Add More Wallpapers to Existing Themes in Windows 7

And here is the bonus if you haven’t known, there are some hidden themes that come with Windows 7 but not show up in control panel. Check it out.

Lastly, for people who may be interested in customizing more on themes, this document from MSDN might be worth checking out.


  1. Option 2:
    how is that whenever I select a folder through the Browse button, the folder is not showing up? The previously selected folder remains…

    • When you select a folder through the browse button, you need to click “save change” button, which saves the new setting as a new theme named as “unsaved theme”. It’s actually better,as it won’t overwrite the current theme.

  2. 1) First you must be able to take ownership of the c:windowswebwallpaper folder.

    2) Go to http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/add-take-ownership-to-explorer-right-click-menu-in-vista/

    and Download TakeOwnership.zip and double click on it to add the registry hack.

    3)Now when you right click on the folder in step 1, you can take ownership of it in Windows 7

    4) Copy your photo to a theme like Landscapes.

    5) Rename one of the photos there as for example img12.jpg to old12.jpg

    6) Rename your photo to img12.jpg

    7) Now your image will become one of backgrounds for this theme.

    This worked for me without any problems with Windows.

  3. thanks. i came across this form looking for a solution of a prolem i have.
    my monitor does not turn back on after hybernation or suspend mode. it only does so
    if the windows 7 default theme is enable. i saw in the folder you told me here i windows/web and that theme is called img0. i can not change it or modifyed have no permission. how can i fix this? i want to use other wwallpapers but then windows wont turn the monitor back on. any help?

  4. I was unable to access the folders that people have mentioned here for reasons unknown to me. However, I ended up finding a very easy way to add photos to a theme and thought I should share here:

    right click desktop and choose personalize
    click the theme you want to add wallpapers to
    click “desktop backgrounds” (toward the bottom of the screen)
    now, open the folder that contains the wallpapers you want to add
    drag and drop the wallpapers from the folder containing them into the “choose your desktop background” window where the wallpapers already included in the theme are displayed.

    Voila! The wallpapers are moved to the proper folder and added to the theme!


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