How To Always Launch Windows CMD–Command Prompt as Administrator

We’ve covered an enormous amount of command prompt tips and tricks over the years. If you are an IT Pro or a person who just needs to interact with the command prompt on a regular basis you want to have the command prompt to be always run as administrator or most of the times. Here is a method to make sure whenever you launch a Command Prompt (cmd) you are launching one that has the local admin privileges.

In Windows 10, if you search for “command prompt” or “cmd” and launch it, it will only run as a regular user by default with the path pointing to the local user profile (see below).


To make sure it to “Run as Administrator” wherever you launch Command Prompt you have to add an additional flag to its properties.


Right-click the app and go to Properties.


Go to Shortcut Tab > Advanced


Check “Run as administrator”

This option allows you to run this shortcut as an administrator, while protecting your computer from unauthorized activity.


Now, when you launch the Command Prompt from anywhere next time, Windows will request an elevated permission to launch “Run as administrator” automatically. You can avoid the elevated prompt by changing the UAC ( User Account Control ) settings to “never notify”.

That’s about it.

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Last updated: 07/28/2016

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