How to Backup, Monitor and Restore SQL Server Database Online?



Database administrators need to perform crucial tasks of running SQL servers within the organization and responsible for its healthy going. Powerful steps are required to implement to guarantee that the SQL Server information will always available even disaster strikes or major power surges crashes the computer hard drive.


Taking backups of your database can easily address all those worries but leaves much pressure on the DBA person, if there are bunch of database running in the organizations or large set of additions or removal of entries were performed on daily basis. To overcome from such limitations, SQLBak utility is introduced to automatically take backup of any or all the SQL Server database currently running in your company. Moreover, it also lets you keep track of the health status of database and keep you notified by using Email alerts.

What SQLBak Can do?

SQLBak is an online database backup tool that helps DBA and companies to backup their SQL Server database online and ensure its availability against any circumstances of data loss such as power surges, hard disk crash, database corruption, intentional or accidental deletion.

It facilitates user to backup database, frequently monitor and restore on the go using portable devices i.e., Tablet, Smartphone or anything else that offers browser accessibility. You can backup your running SQL server database to any cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. You can use your working email ID to receive updates regarding the performance status of your database. The best among all, you can set all these parameters at just one place, Online dashboard account offered by


SQLBake Interface

Extremely easy to use interface and wizard based backup method makes this software stands out from the rest. Download the tiny setup from the manufacturer website. Installing it is as simple as any other programs except, it’ll ask for serial key which you can get by simply signing up at  Once installed, you could easily get the basic idea of how the application works.

Afterwards, the system is connected to your online database backup account and you can start taking backup immediately. However, it is required to enter the basic parameters on online dashboard such as computer name to connect, SQL Server name and any standard authentication medium (either Windows or SQL server authentication).


Supported online backup services

  • Local or internal hard drive and similar storage devices.
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • One Drive or Amazon S3

Advantages of using SQLBak

In the latest version of SQLBak 1.1.18, many errors and bugs were removed as well as many important features were added. Below mentioned are some of the major improvements and added features:

  1. Increased compatibility with MS SQL Server 2000.
  2. Shared private or dedicated folder with the credentials you’ve set already
  3. Now offers more flexibility to upload large documents (upto 2 GB) to Amazong S3
  4. Almost instantly receive alerts for critical issues related to your SQL server database right in your Inbox folder.
  5. More enhanced and improved client server communication.

Final Thoughts

Need of taking database backup is critical and SQLBak makes it extremely easy for Database administrators to backup and maintain it on the go. Instant availability of SQL server database is possible throughout the location where internet connection or browser accessibility is available.  Moreover, you can freely take backup of up to 2 databases running on similar server. Depending on the need, you can subscribe to take backup of even unlimited databases. You can check out the packages here.



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