How To Change Microsoft Edge Default Search From Bing to Google


Microsoft Edge is probably one of the best features in Windows 10. While Bing is heavily integrated into Windows 10, for browser search engines I still prefer using Google over Bing (sorry Microsoft). If you are like me, here is how to quickly change Edge’s default search engine from Bing to Google.

Launch Edge, find and click the three dot from the top right corner, and go to Settings.


Under Settings, scroll down and you will find “View advanced settings”.


Find the button “Change search engine”.


It will list all the available search engines that Edge have discovered through your browser history. If Google or another search engine that you want to use isn’t available on the list, you just need to simply visit the page prior coming to this setting.


Click “Set as default” to save the setting, next time when you search something from Edge it will be powered by Google’s search engine and search suggestions instead of Bing.

Note, this only replaces the search bar’s query to use Google, it still does not change the fact that Edge is deeply bound with Bing and Cortana in Windows 10. If you right click on any selected word, Edge will not show any quick Search via Google like how Chrome does. Instead, the best you got is Ask Cortana which is still powered by Bing.

2016-08-27_1753 In summary, it’s still hard to escape from using Bing in Edge. However, if you want to replace the default search bar query, you still can.


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