How To Change Windows 10 Display Language To None English


If your Windows 10 comes by default in English but wish to change to a different display language, you can do this without reinstalling Windows 10 nor does it require a different Windows 10 license. Microsoft has introduced a new Settings menu in Windows 10, in an effort to replace over its long-lasting Control Panel. Therefore, it’s tricky to find what you are looking for if you’ve never done this before. Also Microsoft’s own help documentation still references you to use Control Panel but the Control Panel in Windows 10 lacks the ability to achieve this.

In this guide we will show you how to change Windows 10 from English to Chinese.

First go to Start Menu > Settings > Time & Language


Navigate to “Region & language” on the left panel. This will list of languages you have added, to add the language you wish to change the display language to just click “Add a language”. In the example below we already have three language selected (installed). You can see English (United States) are currently the default option as well as the “Windows display language”.


This is what looks like when adding a new language, if your default Windows 10 comes in English you should be able to switch to most other languages. However, if your Windows 10 isn’t come by default in English, there might be some restrictions on the languages you can switch to. For details on the restrictions, visit Microsoft’s language upgrade packs page.


Okay, let’s assuming you have selected the language you are going to switch to. In our example we are going to pick Chinese, make sure you select the language and click “Set as default”.


Depends on the machine, Windows will looking for Windows updates and download the language you have selected. If everything goes the way we want you will see the new language (Chinese in our case) will have descriptions showing below stating this language “Will be display language after next sign-in”


All you need to do next is sign out, and login again. All your locale will now become the new language you have selected.


In summary, when I was trying to figure out how to change the display language in Windows 10 it wasn’t as straight forward as I thought. On some Windows 10 machines it appears that the language might already have installed, but you have no way to tell, where as some other language are not installed. In this case you will need to download the language pack of the selected language via Windows Update. Once everything is downloaded you will be able to switch to the new locale.



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