How To Completely Shut Down A Running Virtual Machine in Windows 7?


Here what we are going to discuss is based on the version of Virtual PC that is later than 2007, as it’s a lot difference from any previous versions.

Here is the basic routine steps

To shut down from an running virtual machine, click Ctrl+Alt+Del from the toolbar of the virtual machine window. Or you can simply press the shortcut key Ctrl+Alt+End.

And then in the window that appears, click Shut down.

The system then will go through the shutdown sequence, and the resource will be released from the virtual machine.


Note that, you will need to unlock the desktop in order to proceed.

What if nothing happens after click Ctrl+Alt+Del?

First, try the Restart comment under Action from the top toolbar, which will force a restart process to the virtual machine.

Second. if you haven’t configure the action for closing, it’s time to do so. In Virtual PC Settings Window, pick Close from the left side panel, and choose the proper action at the right side panel. Choose “Prompt for action” if you are not sure which one to pick.


The change will take effect immediately right after you click OK button. And then switch back to the Virtual Machine, click the cross mark from the top toolbar, and the following window will pop up if Prompt for action was selected.


Ok, what if that still doesn’t work?

That’s when we need to get our hands on the dirty part.  Basically, that’s what happened on me when the Virtual Machine I was running was frozen and I can’t properly or dirtily shut it down, or even restart it.

First, close the Virtual Machine by clicking the cross mark from the top menu. It may not be closed properly but that’s fine. All we need is to get out here.

Then, navigate through to the folder where the actual Virtual Image file stores in Windows Explorer. And manually delete one file that ends .vsv as the extension name. For example, from the picture below, the last one from the last needs to be deleted.


Once it’s done, restart the Virtual Machine, which will boot from scratch.


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