How To Configure PuTTY Auto Establish SSH Connection On Launch


PuTTY is the most popular SSH client for Windows. If you find yourself using PuTTY often it might worth while to explore into some neat tricks to save you some time entering the essential credentials to establish a SSH connection to a server.

You can create a shortcut of PuTTY to be specifically configured to a fixed IP address and will attempt auto login based on additional parameters.

Here Is How to Setup PuTTY to Establish Connection to a fixed IP Address

Assuming you already have PuTTY installed, right-click the PuTTY > Properties

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Under Target, at the end of the string, add additional parameters like below.

[email protected] -pw password

You will need to update the user credential above to be specific to your server. For example, root will be the user. to be the server IP address and lastly replace password to be your own.

The next time you launch this shortcut of PuTTY it will automatically login to the predefined server-based on the user you have specified. You can create multiple instance of PuTTY to be connected to different IP address, assuming they are static that won’t change from time to time.


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