How To Convert .Pages File to Word, PDF, or ePub Format


I recently got a few support emails asking what to do with the .page files they received in email. I didn’t know either but I was willing to try and was able to figure out an easy way how to convert them into a format that they can open them up on Windows computer.

So, what is a .PAGES file anyway?

In a nutshell, a .pages file is a document created on Mac computers, often using iWork’s Pages program, a similar document creation tool to Microsoft Word on Windows. Mac users can share these .pages files in iWorks with Windows users by using Export to Word function. But often times, files that get shared didn’t go through export process. Therefore, .pages files are ended up in Windows users’ inbox that no one knows how to open it.

Let’s convert it to a format that works

Apple released a web version of iCloud that lets any iCloud users to get access to their mail, contacts, calendar, photos, notes, and Pages files right on the web portal. Sign up an iCloud account if you haven’t to, and sign in to iCloud web portal.

iCloud - 2015-06-11 15_09_10

Click Pages icon to go into iCloud Pages app, which look a lot like OneDrive web app. Upload the .pages files you want to convert by dragging and dropping them onto the page. The files will be automatically uploaded and listed in Pages canvas.

iCloud - Pages - 2015-06-11 15_13_22

Wait for a few moment until the thumbnails are showing up, and right-click the file you want to convert, and select Download Document…

iCloud - Pages - 2015-06-11 15_15_57

A pop-up pops up asking which format you want to choose to download, Pages, PDF, Word, or ePub.

iCloud - Pages - 2015-06-11 15_17_45

Click one of the formats, and the converted file will be downloaded right after. Once done, you can retrieve the file from Download folder on your computer.

If you come to this page from Google, you may have noticed that there might be other ways of converting a .pages file to Word. I’ve tried them all and found this is by far the easiest way that brings the best result.



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