How To Customize Windows 8 Boot Options With Boot UI Tuner


The boot experience has completely been revamped in Windows 8 with a new GUI based boot managed named Advanced Boot Options. Because of this, booting to safe mode in Windows 8 has become quite differently, which may have caused quite a confusion to anyone new to the system. And if you are among those who are either confused or don’t quite like the new boot experience approach by Microsoft, here is a quite neat tweaking tool for you.

Boot UI Tuner, brought to you by Winaero, is a windows 8 tweaking tool that tweaks the boot options in Windows 8 to disable or enable certain features that are either hidden or not so easy to access through the system.

Boot UI Tuner thumb - How To Customize Windows 8 Boot Options With Boot UI Tuner

Quite obviously, with Boot UI Tuner, you can enable/disable

  • advanced boot options, which makes a boot-to-safe-mode much easier.
  • editing of boot options at startup
  • windows logo during the startup
  • messages
  • loading circle, and
  • legacy boot menu

All changes can be easily reverted back by simply clicking Defaults button in the tool.

What this tool does behind the scene is that it runs through several BCDEdit system command with a few hidden settings. Nothing fancy but very handy.

Boot UI Tuner is a Windows 8 specific tool that works on both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. It’s also a portable tool that doesn’t require the installation process.

To check out other Windows 8 tweaking tools, go to here.


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