How To Deal With Winmail.dat File You Receive As An Attachment


There are number of reasons why you are receiving winmail.dat file as an attachment instead of their native format in your Outlook. For one, it could be caused by one sending an email with attachments in RTF (Rich Text Format) format. Trying to figure it out or even asking the sender to resend is time-consuming and often in result to frustration on both sides.

Since it’s not like other saying winmail.dat is unreadable, why not cracking the mystery and find out what’s been wrapped up in it for yourself? It’s not that rocket science and is certainly easy and straightforward.

And of course, we will need a 3rd party tool to help with the mission. Winmail Reader is one that has been useful to me. It’s a free tool that does the job quite nicely, read, view, convert, and save the files in winmail.dat file with a straightforward GUI interface.

Launch the tool, click Open winmail.dat button, and pick the winmail.dat file from the file dialog box. You immediately see a list of files wrapped up in winmail.dat file.

winmail.dat reader 600x338 - How To Deal With Winmail.dat File You Receive As An Attachment

You can then open or save the files in their native application or format.

It’s just that simple. Instead of wasting your time emailing back and forth with the sender trying to figure out what happened, you can just use the tool to get what you are receiving.


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