1. Perfect. That did it. I went to the business center at the apt community I live at, pulled the network plug out of one of their boxes, put it in my laptop, logged in with my hotmail account and then logged back out and shut down. Put their network cable back into their pc, fire up my laptop and logged in with my hotmail account.
    You have no idea how long it has taken me to find this one, simple answer. Thank you for providing it and I’m spreading the word, because the posts are all over the place and people are being told to wipe their drives or buy some $30 peice of software.

  2. I also forgot my online Microsoft account password. Eventually I have unlocked my Windows 8 laptop using PCUnlocker Live CD. Now I can log back into my computer but I am still unable to sign in my hotmail account online. Thank you any way!

    • If one doesn’t use microsoft account on laptop, what will be the effect? I also face such issue & all the time I have to provide the password to my own PC, I want to get rid of this Microsoft account? Please tell me the steps?


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