How To Disable Charm Bar Hint in Windows 8


The Charm Bar is a new element Microsoft introduced in Windows 8 that consists of a row of 5 icons (Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings) that slides out from the right side your screen. It’s a very useful feature, and getting to know how to use it properly will help you better use the new system. On a touch device, you can bring the Charm bar out simply wiping your finger from outside of your screen board to the inside. And on a desktop computer without the touch screen, you can do so by moving the cursor to top or bottom right corner and slide down or up.

But when your mouse touches either of the corners, a ghost version of Charm Bar will appear first hinting that you are about to bring up the Charm Bar. That’s actually a bit annoying. Can I disable it so that only the real Charm Bar will show up?

Charm Bar - hint version

You will need a registry hack to disable it.

Open Registry Editor (Win+R, type in “regedit”, and press Enter), navigate to the following place:


If you don’t see a key on the left called EdgeUI, create one first. Right-click ImmersiveShell, click New, and then click Key. Type EdgeUI in the box and press Enter.

Then, go to this new created key, move to the right, create a new DWORD (32) Value. Right-click the empty space on the right pane, click New, and then click DWORD (32) Value, or just DWORD Value if you are on a 32-bit edition. Type in DisableCharmsHint, press Enter. Set the value to “1”.

Charm Bar - hint version registry hack

And that’s it. The change takes effect right away, no restart needed.



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