How To Disable Google Instant Search on Any Browsers?


To be honest, Google Instant Search is awesome. It’s what the modern search should be. It works great for me and I love it. But it’s also pain to use if your computer isn’t powerful enough to handle this search-as-you-type thing. I’ve see people complaining their web browser being slow when searching on Google but it was really the browser that is slow but the computer couldn’t handle two things at the same time.

So really, if you are using an older machine that has lower resources, you should turn it off unless you are not using Google for search. And here is how.

On Google’s home page, click that Gear icon at the top right corner and click again on Search Settings.


Then, choose Do not use Google Instant in the Google Instant section in the Search Settings page.

[Updated on December 20, 2011]

Then, turn the switch from ON to Off to disable Instant Search, now called Instant predictions.


Thanks to our reader Bob for pointing out this update from Google.

[end of update]

Click Save Preferences button at bottom of the page, and you are good to go.

Note that if you have a Google account, the settings you save in your preferences will be carried on to different browsers and computers, as long as you sign in using the same Google account.

Again, Google Instant search is a very useful modern search feature we should all be using but if it stalls your browsing performance it should be turned off.



  1. As of December 2011, this no longer works because Google changed the layout of the web-search pages and removed most of the options in the Settings page, including this one. (There is an Instant option in there, but it does nothing.)


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