How To Disable Microsoft Office Upload Center


First introduced in Office 2010, Office Upload Center is a new piece Microsoft added to help smooth the file upload process, letting you keep track of how uploads are progressing, and where any files need your attention.

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It exists for a reason and can be useful. For example,

  • You have opened a file from a server, and the server goes offline. You can save the file, knowing that it will be uploaded when the server goes back online.
  • You’ve been working on files in an airport hotspot and are about to board your flight. By checking the status in the Upload Center, you will be able to tell when the upload has completed and you can disconnect to board the plane.
  • An error occurs during the upload. You are alerted immediately so that you can fix the problem and resume the upload quickly.

But not everyone is obsessed with it. Some may even hate. For those who is not a fan of this new thing, here is how you can disable it.

Hide it from the System Tray

Open Office Upload Center, go to Settings, and uncheck the option for “Display icon in notification area“.

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Click OK to save the changes. It won’t show up in the System Tray anymore. However, this doesn’t disable the uploader from running. It’s still running and can be accessed.

Disable it completely

There are a few ways of doing it.

If you are using Office 2010 on a Windows 7 computer, you can disable it from Startup through either MSConfig utility (disable MSOSYNC entry on the Startup tab) or delete the OfficeSyncProcess value from the following Registry:


If you are on a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 computer, you can disable MSOSYNC entry on the Startup tab in Task Manager.

And if you are using Office 2013, you will need to disable the task Microsoft Office 15 Sync Maintenance for %username% from Task Scheduler.

If you are an Office 2016 user on Windows 10 computer, you can right-click the OneDrive icon in the System Tray, and go to Settings. The first tab has an option called “Use Office to work on files with other people at the same time” that needs to be disabled.

And again, since Office Upload Center has its purpose being existed and useful. It’s recommended keeping it intact and giving Microsoft some time to fine tuning it.


  1. I am having problems getting rid of upload center with windows 10, Office 2016. The tab you refer to in OneDrive no longer exists after a recent update. I use OneDrive and don’t use files on servers or collaborate and Upload center is causing many issues. How do I disable it?

  2. This doesn’t work anymore. If I delete, rename or overwrite MSOUC.EXE & MSOSYNC.EXE they’re automatically re-installed with a day & the upload center is running again.


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