How to disable recent opened documents or programs in Start Menu Windows 7 tip


In side Windows 7, whenever you opened a documents, or a program, by default it will remember all those programs and documents that you’ve been visited. This will help you to get to your documents faster. However, in some case this will become an issue when you share your computer with other people or using it in a public place. There is a simple way you can keep your privacy from others.

To disable the recent programs and documents from showing up in start menu are easy.

  • Right click the task bar -> Properties
  • task bar properites
  • Click on “Start Menu” Tab
  • Now you can uncheck “Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu and the taskbar” to disable the documents you’ve been recently visited.
  • Or uncheck “Store and display recently opened programs in the Start menu” to disable the programs that you’ve recently used.
  • Click “Apply” to make the change.

privacy Start menu

Now you don’t have to worry about your recent activity being seen by others from the Start Menu.




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