How To Disable Windows 8 On-Screen Touch Keyboard


The on-screen touch Keyboard on Windows 8 looks nice and works great on touch screen or Windows 8 tablet. But if you have a keyboard like Surface touch keyboard or Tablets like Lenovo X1 you might not need this on-screen touch keyboard at all. And it’s better having it disabled to save a little bit of resource for something else, though Windows 8 is smart enough knowing when to pop up and when not to pop up this keyboard.

But if you look around the settings charm you won’t be able to see a setting that lets you easily turn this on-screen keyboard on and off. So how can I disable it if wanted.

Turns out, it’s powered by a windows service called Touch keyboard and handwriting  pane. Stopping this service will be in result of disabling the on-screen keyboard.

1. Press Win+R, type “services.msc“, and press Enter to bring up Services window.

2. Scroll down  a bit until locate the service called Touch keyboard …

3. Double click it, first to stop it if it’s running, and then change the Startup type to either Manual or Disable to prevent it from auto-starting next time when computer starts.

Windows Services Touch screen keyboard - How To Disable Windows 8 On-Screen Touch Keyboard

The on-screen touch keyboard will not bother you anymore as soon as you stopped this Touch keyboard windows service.

But it comes with a side-effect that’s worth mentioning. Because this service is also tied with Handwriting Panel pen and ink feature, you won’t be able to use the handwriting if you turn off this service.

/via Scott Hanselman/



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