How To Disable Windows Error Reporting in Windows 7



You probably have seen this kind of message so many times that you are wondering if there is any way you can change this behavior at some point. Yes, you can. And here is how.

The settings you are looking for is laid in Action Center, under Maintenance section. So in order to make changes on these settings, let’s go to the Action Center first, by simply typing “Action Center” into the search box from Start menu.

And expand Maintenance section under Security, click on Settings under Check for solutions to problem reports.


There are 4 options for you to choose from, with the first option “Automatically check for solutions (recommended)” set as default.


You may get confused by the first 2 options. While both options do send reports to Microsoft automatically when the problem occurs, the option 2 will collect and send more report data, though it’s not so clear what additional data are collected and sent. With either of the options set on, the same window like the one at the top of this post  pops up automatically when any problem occurs.

You can also choose to ask each time when the problem occurs, which in result the following window gets popped up before Windows starts checking for the solutions.


And then, to disable this, simply pick the 4th option, “Never check for solutions”, which as Microsoft suggests, is not recommended. Once it’s disabled, the application will be shut right off when the problem occurs.


If you have more than one user using your windows 7 and you can set the same behavior for error reporting for the other users by simply clicking on the option “Change report settings for all users” from the setup window.

Windows 7 also makes one step further by allowing you to select programs to exclude form the reporting. Simply click on the option and select the programs that you don’t want windows to check the solution when the problem occurs from the Add button.



That’s about it. Credit goes to 4sysops.



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