How To Disable Windows Update AutoUpdate in Windows 10


Unlike in any previous version, Windows Update in Windows 10 doesn’t give you many options to change how the updates get installed, let alone disabling it from automatic install and restart. There are basically only 2 options out of the box: Automatic which is recommended or Notify to schedule restart.

Windows 10 - Windows Update options

Now let’s see how to get the more options so we can change or disable the auto-update in Windows Update.

With Group Policy

Open Group Policy Editor, navigate to

Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → Windows Components → Windows Update

Windows 10 - Group Policy - Windows Update

You will see almost 20 more settings related to Windows Update. One of them is called Configure Automatic Updates which is what we are looking for. Double-click it to open it up, select Enable, and pick one of the automatic update options from the list.

Group Policy - Configure Automatic Updates

Obviously, selecting the Disabled option will disable Windows Update on the computer. Click OK to save the change. Restart the computer to have the new setting to kick in.

Windows 10 - update disabled

With Registry

Almost all Group Policy settings have their corresponding registry keys. No differences here. To disable Windows Update, go to the following Registry Key and set the value NoAutoUpdate to 1.


If you don’t see the Keys in your Registry, you will need to create them.

Windows 10 Home

Since Windows 10 Home doesn’t have Group Policy feature, none of the above options will work. However, you can still complete disable Windows Update from automatic install by disabling Windows Update service.

Services - Windows Update



  1. It doesn’t seem to work. Setting it to Disabled does not create the Registry keys. Creating the keys manually does not work either. This is on v1511.


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