How To Display A List of Installed Device Drivers Locally and Remotely in Windows 7


Here comes a very easy way with a single dos command, DriverQuery.exe.

Open the dos prompt window, and type in


And here it goes:


The driverquery.exe is a console command that displays a list of all installed device drivers and their properties. Without any switches, it retrieves a list of drivers from the local computer. If you want to do the same from a remote computer, you can use the switch /s.

driverquery.exe /s computername

You can also export the list into a file in 3 formats: Table, List, or CSV, simply using the switch /fo.

driverquery.exe /fo csv

However, you may find the output is still a bit of overwhelmed. So here, with a little help from PowerShell, we can actually have a better list that has the information we needed.

Open the PowerShell console by typing in “PowerShell” in the start menu, and pipe the drivequery output to convertfrom-csv command with select-object.

PS>driverquery.exe /v /fo csv | ConvertFrom-CSV | Select-Object ‘Display Name’, ‘Start Mode’, ‘Paged Pool(bytes)’, Path

This looks much better.




  1. Very good article Kent, keep up the good work!
    I’ve found two typos in your last powershell command : a) Drivequery.exe should be DriverQuery.exe and b) ConvertFrom_CSV should be ConvertFrom-CSV


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