How To Display A List of Installed Device Drivers Locally and Remotely in Windows 7

Here comes a very easy way with a single dos command, DriverQuery.exe.

Open the dos prompt window, and type in


And here it goes:


The driverquery.exe is a console command that displays a list of all installed device drivers and their properties. Without any switches, it retrieves a list of drivers from the local computer. If you want to do the same from a remote computer, you can use the switch /s.

driverquery.exe /s computername

You can also export the list into a file in 3 formats: Table, List, or CSV, simply using the switch /fo.

driverquery.exe /fo csv

However, you may find the output is still a bit of overwhelmed. So here, with a little help from PowerShell, we can actually have a better list that has the information we needed.

Open the PowerShell console by typing in “PowerShell” in the start menu, and pipe the drivequery output to convertfrom-csv command with select-object.

PS>driverquery.exe /v /fo csv | ConvertFrom-CSV | Select-Object ‘Display Name’, ‘Start Mode’, ‘Paged Pool(bytes)’, Path

This looks much better.


Kent Chen

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Last updated: 01/13/2016

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