How To Do Network TCP/IP Reset in Windows 10 without Command line


Previously, if you need to do a network TCP/IP reset to clear out the network configuration and reset Winsock to have a fresh start, you need to run the following command line in an elevated command prompt.

netsh winsock reset

Not anymore in Windows 10. There is a new feature called Network reset in Windows 10 Insider Preview build that quickly resets your network settings to the defaults for all network adapters in the system, similar to what the command line above does.

Open Settings app (Win + I), go to Network & Internet, Status, and Network reset in the right side panel.

Settings - Network - Status

Then click Reset now to start the reset process. Click Yes to confirm when prompted.

Settings - network - status - network reset

Read the note carefully before going ahead with the Reset as it explains what will happen next. It will be a good idea jotting down the network configuration if you have any custom network settings in place.

The reset will be done once the computer rebooted.

I would suggest that using Network troubleshooter as your first line of defence if encountering any network related issues, and use Network reset as your last resort if you have everything else checked and cleared.

Settings - network - network troubleshoot


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