How To Download And Save Maps for Offline Use in Windows 10


Windows 10 comes with another new feature that is going to be so useful to those who love to travel. It allows you to save maps to your device in case you lost a WiFi or data connection while you are on the road trying to find a way out of a new place that is totally unknown to you. Granted, it would be more useful on smartphones but tablets and laptops, especially the devices equipped with GPS, can benefit from it as well.

Before you are heading out to your next trip out of the town, go to Settings app, System and Offline maps on your Windows 10 device.

Settings - Offline maps

Scroll to the bottom and click Check now button to check and install the latest map updates before downloading them.

Settings - Offline maps - map updates

Then scroll up to the top and click Download maps, select a place you want to download. Each region comes with an estimate of how much storage space will be eaten up.

Settings - Offline maps - download maps

Note #1: Close your Map app before downloading, or the download will pause.

Note #2: Switch the Metered connections Off to avoid additional charges.

Depending on the region you are downloading, it may take a while to have your map downloaded and ready for your trip.

Settings - offline maps - download maps - canada - downloaded

Now, turn off all data connections, WiFi, fire up Maps app and see if you can navigate the region you have the map downloaded for offline use, before your trip starts.



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