How To Easily Remove Password From A PDF File


Often Times, you downloaded a PDF file but only found that you were not able to print its content off for easy reading. Some of them don’t even allow you to make a copy and paste. It’s not only annoying but also pointless. It just doesn’t make any sense that someone who made the effort to make the PDF available to public but restricted them from printing or copying. Screen is just another kind of print media. Anyway, while we can’t stop people from putting the locker on the PDF file, we have ways to unlock them. Here are two of them.

However, before we continue, we have to remind you to keep in mind that only those PDFS that you can open and read are ok to be unlocked.

Free PDF Unlocker

PDF unlocker is a simple and useful application that removes the password and any restrictions that are set on a readable PDF file. Once installed, you can simply drag the PDF file you want to unlock and drop it to its desktop icon named “PDF Unlocker, drop PDF File“, a Dos Prompt window will show up and do the job. An unlock version of PDF will be created on the desktop once the Dos Prompt window goes away.


It works pretty well on Windows XP, but unfortunately, I didn’t get chance test it on Windows 7 machine so if anyone knows if it works on a Windows 7 computer, feel free to share in the comment.

If you are the one who don’t usually like the idea having too many application installed on your computer, or simply you are a fan of the web application, you can definitely use this free web app,


It works quite well and easily. Choose a file that is smaller than 7mb, and click on button Do It. A unlocked file will be popped up to download once the conversion is done.

What do you use?

If you happened to have another tool that works great to unlock a password restricted PDF, feel free to share it out in the comment. Otherwise, hope you find it useful to help you in the future.




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