[How to] Enable Aero Theme With Remote Desktop and Virtual PC in Windows 7


Windows 7 has improved it’s virtualization technology dramatically, from the introduction of Windows XP, to the VHD boot, and now you can enable the aero theme in Virtual PC and Remote Desktop. Here is how:

In both case make sure the Host OS is Windows 7 and is aero theme enabled.

For Windows Virtual PC

In Virtual PC make sure you download the latest version, and have Install Integration Components installed. To check, go to Tools > Enable Integration Components

virtual PC areo them

For Remote Desktop Client (need Windows 7 or Vista)

Make sure you enabled the following feature under Experience Tab

  • Desktop Background
  • Front smoothing
  • Desktop composition
  • Show windows contents while dragging
  • Menu and window animation (enable this for aero theme to be appear)
  • Visual style
  • Persistent bitmap caching

enable aero theme RDP

Although, the low-speed broadband performance is not recommended to enable all the feature. But if you really like to have aero theme working in RDP you can do it this way as well.

Stick tuned for more feature, tips and tricks on the new Windows RDP 7



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