How To Enable Disable and Use Timeline on Windows 10


Windows Insider Program did a campaign inviting Windows Insiders to vote for their favorite Windows features released over the past six months. Guess which feature stand out of the crowd? Timeline, a feature that resumes activities you started in the past. With Timeline in Task View, you can quickly scroll back to content you opened earlier, like a webpage, document, article, playlist, or task, even if you’ve closed an app or file. It even works across activities on different PCs.

If you are interested in this new feature like I do, here is how to get it started.

Enable/Disable Timeline

Open Settings app, and go to Privacy and Activity history.

Settings Privacy Activity History - How To Enable Disable and Use Timeline on Windows 10

First, check the option “Let Windows collect my activities from this PC“, and then turn on the switch next to the Microsoft account linked on this computer.

If you would like to share the activities across PCs you are using, turn on the option “Let Windows sync my activities from this PC to the cloud“.

To disable Timeline on your computer, simply turn off the collection option and nothing will be recorded.

There is also a Clear button at the bottom of the settings page to reset Timeline history to have a fresh start.

How to use Timeline

The Timeline feature is embedded in Task View. To use it, you can either click the Task View button on the Taskbar or simply press Win + Tab keyboard shortcut.

Task View button - How To Enable Disable and Use Timeline on Windows 10

You will see a timeline bar on the right side of your main screen with the current activities showing at the top of the timeline. Scroll the bar up and down to view past activities, up to 30 days.

Task View with Timeline - How To Enable Disable and Use Timeline on Windows 10

While the feature seems to be a brilliant idea to have, there are still a lot of work Microsoft needs to put in to make it better. Going through the timeline on one of my computers, there are a lot of activities that are not showing. Apparently, Windows 10 can only collect activities and store them from certain apps. Many of the desktop apps may not even on the list.


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