How To Enable Instant Browsing Omnibox and Compact Navigation in Chrome


Other than the new Print Preview feature in Chrome version 13, the other two new features, Omnibox and Compact Navigation, are also noticeably good and useful. Here is how to enable them in Chrome.

Instant Browsing (Omnibox)

With new Instant browsing feature, aka Omnibox, most webpages begin loading as soon as you type a URL in the address bar, Before you press Enter. In addition, the search results and in-line prediction appear instantly as you type in the address bar.

To Enable:

1. Go to Option page by through the wrench icon on the browser bar.

2. In Basic tab, check the option box “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing” to enable this feature.


Now start typing in the address bar, whether it’s a search term or a web address, you will see the search result or web page showing up instantly as you type and move through the suggest or history list. As you type more and more, you see the content in the window dynamically changes to match the first prediction for what you’ve typed.


Compact Navigation

As its name states, Compact Navigation is to compact the navigation bar in Chrome, namely by hiding the toolbar (as address bar in other browser). The toolbar that has address bar in it disappears after you enter the search term or web address. This feature is available in Chrome 13 still as an experiment feature, which you won’t find in Option to enable it.

To Enable,

1. Type about:flags in address bar

2. Scroll down the list to find one called Compact Navigation, and click Enable link to enable it.


3. Then right click on one of the tab in Chrome, and select Hide the toolbar.


The toolbar disappears right after you’ve done it. But note that the instant search stopped working once the toolbar is hidden.


Enjoy, and happy browsing!



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