How To Extend Task Bar Across Multiple Monitors in Windows 7


The native support multiple-monitor in Windows 7 is fluid but lacks some needed features. For example, there is only one taskbar available no matter how many monitors are hooked up, meaning two out of three monitors, if, for example, you are using 3-monitor setup, will have no taskbar on them at all. Usually, it’s ok, unless you have large wide-screen or have more than 2 monitors hooked up the same time because then you would find moving back and forth to the main screen just to open the program from the taskbar is quite annoying. Indeed, it is very inconvenience.

Dual Monitor Taskbar is a free open source tool that is very good at extending Windows 7 taskbar. Once you download and have it installed on your computer, your taskbar automatically spreads itself across all monitors you are using.


Not only that, it is smart enough knowing where to place the application icon on the taskbar. If the application is running on the 2nd monitor, that application’s icon will be automatically placed on the taskbar on the 2nd monitor. If you move the application across monitors the application will automatically move the icon across the same time. Very sleek.

Tip: if you see two taskbars stacked together, you probably have the main taskbar not set on your primary monitor. Make sure your primary monitor has the main taskbar on it, as the extended one is only available on the non-primary monitors.

The program doesn’t have a console that you can monitor or change some of the settings. Once it’s launched, it just quietly sits in the background doing its job with only less than 10M of RAM in use.


It’s very useful. I only wish it could extend my wallpaper the same time as well.



  1. I use this software, but the second taskbar becomes unusable if the PC is left alone some hours, and also after being hibernated or suspended. The window icons disappear from second taskbar, minimized programs become invisible and have to change between them with alt+tab, move them to the first monitor, close the second taskbar and then reopen it.


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