How To Find Emails with Certain Size of Attachments in Gmail


Here is a quick useful tip of the day for Gmail users, via TechSmog through Digital Inspiration.

The mission: to find large emails at certain size in Gmail in a very easy way.

How: use this undocumented search operator, size, to find out. The syntax is something like:

size: [size in bytes]

Type it in Search box in your Gmail, and hit Enter.

For example, typing size:5120000 and Enter is going to find out all emails that are larger than 5MB.

Gmail - Size Search

And there is even a direct link to it. Clicking the link below is going to take you directly to the search result that lists all emails that are larger than 5MB in your Gmail.

Last, for those wondering why the number of 5,120,000 precisely presents 5MB but not just simple 5,000,000. The short answer is because the size in computer is calculated in binaries, not decimally. And the long answer, well, you can find it here. Just remember, 1024 is a magic number when calculating the computer size in exact amount. For example,

When speaking of 5MB, we are actually talking about a precise number at 5,120,000 bytes.



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