How To Find Out What Global Hot Keys Are In Use


Hot keys are useful. When used properly, it really makes you work much efficient. But when too many apps configured with its own hot keys, it may get conflict each other. It would be nice having a little tool that can help find out what keys are registered and what are available.

HotKeysList is one that you can try out for that purpose. Developed by NirSoft, HotKeysList is a free and portable tool that displays the list of hot keys currently registered on your system. It runs on any version of Windows, from XP and up to Windows 8 with the support for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

HotKeysList - 2015-04-10 11_52_15

HotKeysList is very simple to use, just simply run the executable file found in the downloaded ZIP file. It does come with Command-Line option that you can run the utility right in the Command Prompt window to save the result in one of the supported format, plain text, csv, HTML, or XML.

Next time when you have an app that you’d like to assign a hot key for it, run this utility to find what’s available.



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