How To Find Out Windows 10 Build Number in 5 Ways


I am still a fast-ring Windows Insider who has the desire touching the early build as early as possible. In previous builds of Windows 10, I like the idea having the build number embedded right on my desktop wallpaper so that I can quickly tell which build I am on and if I need to update to a later version. But not anymore since build 10586.

So how can I quickly tell which Windows 10 build I am running? Here are 5 ways to find out.

About Windows

About Windows

Press Win+R, type in winver, and hit Enter to launch About Windows dialog box where you can find which OS Build # you are on right now.

System Information

System Information on Windows 10

Press Win+R, type in msinfo32, and hit Enter. The System Information dialog box pops up where you can find the Build # at Versions line.

Command line SystemInfo

Command Line SystemInfo

Open Command Prompt window, run the command systeminfo to find out which Windows 10 build you are currently running.

Microsoft Edge

Edge - version with build number

Yes, since Microsoft Edge is tightly integrated in Windows 10, we can easily tell which Windows 10 build # by simply looking at the version number in Edge. Click  in Edge, and click Settings. Scroll down to the bottom to find About this app that shows 2 version numbers Edge uses. Both version numbers follow the MAJOR.Build schema. The major version number represents a significant platform release while the build version number continues to indicate the current Windows build number.

PowerShell way

There are 2 cmdlets that you can actually use to reveal Windows os platform build number.

(Get-WmiObject win32_operatingsystem).version



PowerShell to show Windows Build number


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