How To Fix Evernote Unable to Uninstall, Install or Update


Ever since 4.6.x Evernote have an issues with it’s update process, if you wish to install the latest update of Evernote through it’s auto update process you might encounter the following error:

“The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2732”


“(.\Bootstrapper.cpp:896) 0x643: Fatal error during installation.”


This causes Evernote to be stuck in whatever version you are running on. You can’t uninstall Evernote, you can’t install the new version. Looking around Evernote’s support forum’s solution still doesn’t help to solve the issue. It’s a real pain to deal with this kind situation, fortunately we have a fix on this problem.

How To Fix Install New Evernote 4.6.6 (4.6.x)

We’ve covered this before, Microsoft has a neat tool to fix things problems like this. Fixit is designed to help you to troubleshoot and fix issues like this. Go to the page, search for uninstall under “View or run solutions” download the executable of Fixit.



Select the program, Evernote v 4.6.3 in our case.



Follow the steps, Fixit will force to uninstall this program.


How To Install the Latest Evernote Update

Now if you have successfully uninstalled Evernote, you might still have issue when installing the new update.

Evernote has already been installed by another user. It is only possible to one installation per user. After uninstalling this installation (per user), an administrator will be able to install Evernote for all users.

If you too getting the error above, then continue on the tutorial. Navigate to %APPDATA%/Local/Temp/Evernote.msi (current user) Run the executable from there this will allow the current user to install the Evernote.


Now you should have the latest Evernote running on your PC again.



  1. Thank you, this solved the problem perfectly! Tip: The appdata folder may be hidden, so go to Tools –> folder options –> view –> show hidden folders.


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