How To Fix Paint 3D Not Available Error with Code 0x803F8001


All of sudden, one of my laptops that run latest Windows 10 build was having difficulty opening the Paint 3D app with an error message stating that

Paint 3D is currently not available in your account. Here's the error code, in case you need it 0x803F8001

Paint 3D error code

And here is what to do if you are encountering the same problem like I did.

Backup your Paint 3D projects

Before we start, let’s back up your saved Paint 3D projects so you don’t lose all your hardworking 3D models.

Open File Explorer on your Windows 10 and head over to the following Paint 3D location.


And then back up the entire Projects folder to another location.

Remove the Paint 3D app

There is no direct way to uninstall a built-in Windows Universal App like Paint 3D but we can manually do so via PowerShell. Open the PowerShell console Run as Administrator and run the following cmdlet.

Get-AppxPackage Micrsooft.MSPaint | Remove-AppxPackage

The Paint 3D app will be removed after the above cmdlet was executed.

PowerShell remove Paint 3D app - How To Fix Paint 3D Not Available Error with Code 0x803F8001

Reinstall Paint 3D app

Now let’s reinstall the Paint 3D from the Store app to get a fresh start. Click the store link on your Windows 10 computer and it will take you to the app in the Store app.

Store - Paint 3D

By now, you should be able to launch Paint 3D without any issue. If you don’t see your old Projects in the Open menu, move the Projects folder you backed up earlier back to the original Paint 3D’s app package folder.



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