How To Fix Sublime Text 2 “Unable to Run Package Setup” Error


Sublime Text is a very useful text editor. It’s rich in feature, and perfect for development work or some text editing tasks. Lately, I’ve run into some issues with Sublime Text 2 that I was unable to start up. It shows the follow error message “Unable to run package setup: Trackback (most recent call last):… “ every time when I launch it. The error message itself doesn’t help much. I tried to uninstall and reinstall Sublime text 2, but that doesn’t fix the issue. So I went dig deeper, turns out it’s the issue with Sublime Package Control.

sublime text 2 unable to run

Here is how you can fix “Unable to run package setup”

1. In order to make Sublime Text open again, you need to remove everything under %APPDATA%\Sublime Text 2


2. Open up Windows Explorer, remove everything under this directory.

3. Start Sublime Text 2 again, and you will have a fully working version again.

The only draw back is, you will have to reload all custom packages you have previously installed, as the fix described above will wipe out all of them. However, it does have a backup folder. So, when the application starts back again, you can recover any custom package and settings from the backup folder to save you some time.



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