How To Fix The Slow Loading of Folders in Windows 7 & 8


I have number of folders on my main Windows 7 computer that always take a few seconds to load, some of them could take more than 10 seconds to just have a full list of content showing up. It’s been bothering me for months and I always thought this might just be the way it is. I would have reinstall Windows the other day if I didn’t find this quick fix shared by istartedsomething.

The fix is pretty quick. All you have to do is to go to the Customize tab in the folder properties window, and change the Optimize this folder for option to General Items.

Optimize this folder option in folder properties

It seems that changing to Documents also works for folders that are filled with all kinds of type of files. At least, my delayed folders all had General Items selected but changing them to Documents seems to speed up the process.

The reason why it takes long time to just display the folder content is that both Windows 7 and Windows 8 are trying to be smart determine what the contents of the folders are so that it could apply the pre-defined “rules” to optimize the view settings.

Long Zheng also mentioned that the change may not stay and can be replaced by Windows at the time when the folder gets updated, i.e. adding or deleting files. I haven’t noticed that yet but thought to bring it up in case it happens to yours down the road.



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