How To Fix “The Windows Security Center service can’t be started”


In Windows 7, Action Center is a place Microsoft introduced many years ago that provides user an overview of the actions they can take to protect their PC. It’s a place where Windows will help you diagnose the health of your PC. If you found Action Center stopped working and attempt to click on the red flag to launch the Action Center and receive the following warning message.

 The Windows Security Center service can't be started.


This guide will help you fix Windows Security Center service can’t be started.

First ,go to Start Menu > Services, from the list of services find “Security Center”. Chances are your Security Center services is disabled, or have stopped running.


Double click on the item to bring up its properties. Under “Startup type” update this to Automatic (Delayed Start)”. If the service is currently not running, under “Service status” you can also click “Start” to start the service running.

Security Center Services

This will help resolve the issue around Windows Security Center service can’t be started. Security Center is an essential service that runs constantly in the background to help protect your PC. If this service is disabled or not running, you are vulnerable to malware and virus attacks.




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