How To Get Flipboard Running on Your Windows


Ever since Flipboard first came out for the iPad it has been one of the go-to apps I use day in and day out. The way Flipboard organizes your personal feed made it the BEST reading and consuming contents apps out there.  Lately Flipboard opens the iOS exclusive gates, and made it available for android devices. The first was the android phone support, last month they finally updated Flipboard to add support for android tablets. What does that mean ?

Well, there is a tool out there called BlueStacks, that we covered before. It essentially act as an android emulator runs all the android applications in x86 environment. Over the years BlueStacks has made some dramatic improvements in terms of performances and compatibility. If you go download the latest beta version of BlueStacks for Windows, it runs Flipboard android tablet version app smoothly. Even the “flip” animation are well rendered.

So Here is How You can Get Flipboard Running on Windows


Go download BlueStacks if you haven’t.


The install is quick and easy.


When the app is ready, you are bought to this Window, depends on which app store you’d like to choose to buy and install the apps from you will need to have an account for the app store you are selecting. In our case, I will just pick the Google Play store.


Enter your Google account here.


Once you are done, you will bought to this familiar screen of android app purchase agreement.


Just Download and install the app.


Woha ! You now have a fully functional Flipboard running almost natively on your Windows device.


Everything in the Flipboard now works, you can addd your own account or sync with any other account you have already on other mobile devices. Heck, you can even create the Flipboard shortcut to the desktop.


Just navigate to C:\User\Public\Libraries\Apps.library-ms (you will need to turn on hidden folder)

You will find the flipboard icon and simply make a shortcut to the desktop.


Here is how it will look and feels like on your PC.

Give it a try, and if you have those touch enabled Windows 8 PCs it will work even better !


  1. I have the latest Android version of Flipboard and BluStx but the mouse fails to make the pages flip…?????


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