How To Get More Out Of Instant Desktop Notification in Windows 7


The notification balloon on Windows 7 is a very nice useful feature. But unfortunately, it is only used within a program that has it properly programmed in it. Users don’t really have the control what else to pop up. To me, it’s kind of a waste on such a nice feature.

Fortunately, there are some bright minds out there making some effort to build some nice apps to fill in the gap. NotifyMe is one of them that produces advanced reminders and messages with full screen, balloon popups, audio, image, all at once.

You can set up the notifications in sequence in the program, in either sequential or lateral mode. You can start or stop individual notification separately in the program.

image thumb38 - How To Get More Out Of Instant Desktop Notification in Windows 7

Each notification can be set up

  • timed in either countdown or certain time mode. The formal is a repeatable task while the latter is a one time notification thing only.
  • to notify you in either on-screen text, or image, or audio, or balloon, or all of them at once.

You can preview the setup right away from the Preview button.

image thumb39 - How To Get More Out Of Instant Desktop Notification in Windows 7

In order to make it work for you, you do need make some effort to put the tasks in the NotifyMe program.

Notifu is another tool that you can use to get more into the instant notification. It uses the same API that windows use to show the popup balloon. But it’s a command line tool which some of you may not prefer to use, me included. However, being a command line tool does provide a bit more flexibility. i.e. making the script file a lot easier. You can batch the file including this tool and put it in the start up menu so that it runs every time when you log in. Or you can place it in the task scheduler so that it can be launched based on the schedule.

Either way, you can get a bit more out of the nice notification ability built right in the system. And hope you find it useful.


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