[How To] Get Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7


Windows Movie Maker is a useful tool for making and updating the video clips. You can easily turn your videos, photos, and music into a great movie and share it with your friends without putting a lot effort.

However, it’s no longer there in a default installation of Windows 7, along with a few others. It’s now officially moved to Windows Live, as part of the whole live essential software package. So,

Where to find it?

Just go onto Windows Live website and download the Windows Live Essential Installer

How to install it?

Once you have the installer downloaded, simply launch it, and you will see the list of tools available for you to install. It also shows what tools have been installed on your computer. Just tick which one you would like to have, and click Install. And the installer will download and get them installed on your computer.



How to launch it?

Once the movie maker is installed, you can easily launch it by either typing “movie maker” from Start menu, or going through Start menu, All Programs, Windows Live menu.


What’s cool?

haven’t gong through all the new features, but easily publishing your full of imagination video clips to YouTube right inside the Movie Make sounds pretty cool to me.




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