How To Hide The System Recovery Drive Partition in Windows


The Recovery partition is a special partition drive that exists on almost all OEM Windows computers. It’s created by the OEM vendors and is used for the restore-to-factory purpose to replace the recovery discs that used to come with new computers. If you are using an OEM computer, such as ones you bought from Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo,etc., you will have a special drive preloaded on that computer.

File Explorer with Recovery Drive

In most cases, this recovery partition is hidden by default to end users so it doesn’t show up as a driver in Windows Explorer. But if you do see these partitions showing up on your computer, here is how you can hide it.

Open Disk Management, by typing “disk management” in Start menu and selecting “Create and format hard disk partitions” from the list.

Search for Disk Managment

Right-click the Recovery Partition in Disk Management, and choose “Change Drive Letter and Paths…”.

Hide Recovery partition - 1

Click Remove button to remove all assigned driver letters in the dialog box, and click OK to finish it.

Remove Drive Letters

Go back to Windows Explorer / File Explorer and you will see that the recovery partition that previously existed there is no longer to be seen.

That’s about it. It works the same way in Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, and applies not only to recovery drives but also system drives and any other drives that you don’t want to see in the Windows Explorer.


  1. Will there be any negative side effects? Recovery usually happens in BIOS, which doesn’t know or care about drive letters, but would one ever need that drive letter for anything in Windows?


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