How To Install iPhone and iPad Simulator To Your Windows Machine with WebMatrix 2


WebMatrix 2 is a great tool, it’s so great, there are many features I didn’t get a chance to cover when I first wrote the initial guide on how to kick start your web development. WebMatrix, as you know is a package deal, an all-in-one toolkit for web development. If you want to do any web development nowadays, its almost impossible to ignore how your site looks on a mobile device. The most popular mobile device out there are of course the iPhone and iPad. You can install iPhone and iPad simulator to test our your mobile web apps via WebMatrix’s extension section.

Here is How to Install iPhone/iPad simulator

First, you need to start a web app within WebMatrix’s UI. If you don’t have any apps running, you can get a quick start by picking existing application templates from the app gallery. Once you have an app running, like below, click on the Extensions icon.


Now this should bring up a new window where you should be easily find iPhone and iPad simulators.


Click install to complete installing the iPhone or iPad simulator. Once you are done, go back to the home windows of WebMatrix. Click on Run, from there you should be able to see a list of simulators you have previously installed. If you have installed iPhone or iPad simulator, it should show up there.


Click iPhone to launch the web app to a new iPhone simulator. But don’t worry the fun doesn’t stop here. Once you have the simulator open, you can pin it to your task bar, so next time you don’t need to have a WebMatrix window open to get access to the simulator.


As you can see, it’s a fully functional stand alone iPhone simulator (safari only).


One thing it lacks is the ability to rotate landscape view. I have yet to find a way to make this simulator to display in landscape mode. Perhaps it’s something they can improve on in the near future.

There you have it, a fully functional iPhone simulator via Microsoft. You can find more WebMatrix 2 extensions here, check it out.



  1. This is not an iPhone / iPad – emulator! It’s a simple iframe rendering the site via a webkit-engine. This has nothing to do with the real rendering on a real iphone.

  2. theres a MAJOR difference between a SIMULATOR and an EMULATOR. you claim to be a geek yet i know this fact. oh and i AM a techy!

  3. there is a MAJOR difference between a SIMULATOR and an EMULATOR. you claim to be a geek yet i know this fact. oh and i AM a techy!


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