How To Install Windows Media Center on Windows 10


Windows Media Center is gone on Windows 10. But if it’s a big deal to you, there is a way to get around it. And this is how:

1. Download the software package from below:

2. Extract the downloaded RAR file to a convenient place like Desktop. Since it’s a RAR file, you may need tools like 7-Zip to extract the content.

7-Zip to extract file.

3. Navigate to the installation folder, right-click _TestRights.cmd and choose Run as administrator.

Windows media center 2010 - run testrights

4. Then right-click Installer.cmd and choose Run as administrator.

5. Once done, search Media Center in Cortana.


To uninstall, navigate to the same installation folder, right-click uninstaller.cmd and choose Run as administrator.

If all go well, Windows Media Center will work just as it does in Windows 7 and 8.1. It will automatically detect your default media libraries and will have no problem playing any of the file formats it supports.

Credit goes to WindowsBlogItalia for putting everything together on this.

I haven’t actually tried it on my Windows 10 computer since I am not a big fan of Windows Media Center. So try it yourself and share if it works.



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