How To Launch Any Windows 8 Store App Without Go To Start Menu and Create Windows Apps Shortcut


So far the only way to launch a Windows 8 Store App (metro, full screen apps) is by going to the new Start Menu. For most user, this is the only reason why they need to go back to the start menu. If the new Start Menu isn’t your cup of tea, then this trick might allow you to skip launching Windows 8 Store App exclusively from the Start Menu. It requires a little bit of PowerShell knowledge to use this trick so it may not as easy and straightforward as other tricks, mostly meant for the savvy users. But you are always welcome to follow and try it out.

Here Are The Steps To Create Windows 8 Store App Shortcut in Desktop

1. Go here download the PowerShell script.

Extract the zip file to some where you can easily accessible from a command prompt

2. Launch Windows PowerShell

Run Import-Module <path_to-script>\CreateWindowsAppsShortcutToDesktop.psm1


If you getting an error as show above, “cannot be loaded because running script is disabled on this system” then that means you need to enable and allow your machine to execute script.

Type Get-ExecutionPolicy to find out which execution policy your system was set. The default setting is Restricted. It means

Prevents running of all script files, including formatting and configuration files (.ps1xml), module script files (.psm1), and Windows PowerShell profiles (.ps1).

For more info about a list of possible execution policy types go here.


Now enable the policy by typing Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted


Run the script again

3. New “New-OSCAppShortcut” command installed

Now by running the PowerShell script, it essentially added a new command prompt utility.


By typing Get-Help New-OSCAppShortcut –Full to get a list of command params it supports.

4. Create new Shortcut

Now you can type New-OSCAppShortcut or New-OSCAppShortcut –PinTaskBar


This will add a new shortcut to your desktop


This will add a shortcut to the TaskBar


5. Launch Windows 8 Store App (full-screen apps) from Windows Explorer/Desktop

Now double click the added “WindowsApps” icon, which will show you a list of apps that were showing in the start menu. You can go and launch Windows 8 Store Apps from desktop now instead of going through the start menu.


There you have it, you can now create and add shortcuts of the new Windows 8 Store App, or Metro app from desktop.


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