How To Make An Application Run As Administrator By Default in Windows 7


One of the features that make Windows 7 securer than its previous versions is that most of the applications are launched by default without having local admin rights, even when you log in as an account that belongs to local administrator group.

And you probably already know that if you want to launch an application with local admin rights, you would have to use Run as Administrator to fire up the application.


In many cases, you don’t need to run an application with local admin rights every single time. However, if you do, that’s when you need to set Run as administrator to default, and here is how.

1. Go to application’s properties window, by right-clicking on the application and choosing Properties. Note that it has to be the application’s properties window, not the shortcuts’.


2. In application properties window, go to Compatibility tab, and check the option “Run this program as an administrator” in Privilege Level section.


3. Click OK to save the change.

From this point on, this application will be launched with local admin rights associated. You can even make the change to all users on the same computer by clicking on “Change settings for all users” button right below.

If all settings in Compatibility tab are all grayed out, you can still make the same change by going to Advanced settings in Shortcut tab, and checking the option Run as administrator.




Click on Continue if the Access Denied warning window pops up.


Now, congratulation, you have successfully make an application run as administrator by default. You will be getting User Account Control warning window every time when you launch the application.



  1. Unable to apply that fix to cmd.exe. No option in properties for run as admin. I know I can create a shortcut, and set the shortcut to run as admin, but, I am one of those that just types cmd into any address bar to get to a command prompt. Then I have to type exit, find the shortcut and use that. Be easier if I could just get cmd.exe to run as admin by default. Don’t know why Microsoft thinks this is even necessary when I am logged in with admin rights already.


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