How to Map Windows Live SkyDrive to Get Free 25GB Storage Space


We have talked about getting Windows Live Essential tools for free, Windows Live SkyDrive is another great feel tool from Microsoft. It can store and backup your data up to 25GB free cloud space. Here is a way to make the most out of the 25GB free space, by mapping it on your computer as a virtual directory.

Step 1

Download the freeware called Gladinet Drive setup_cloud_desktop

Step 2

Choose the free starter edition when install. mount_disk_storage_or_web_storage_as_virutal_directory

Step 3

After you Done Install open up the application and Click “Mount Disk Storage or Web Storage As Virtual Directory” set_driver_letter

Step 4

Select a Driver Letter


Step 5

Select the type of Storage Provide “Windows Live SkyDrive” Note: as you can see this freeware also supports many other like Google Docs and Picasa etc enter_email_address

Step 6

Enter your Windows Live ID and Password creating_virtual_directory

Step 7

Click Finish to create the Virtual Directory SkyDrive

When it has done you should see the new Network Drive in your Windows Explorer. There you, you just got yourself another 25GB free space!



    • You can use the virtual directory manager in gladinet to dismount the virtual drive. The same virtual directory manager can be used to mount Google Docs/Google Picasa/Amazon S3 and etc.


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