How To Open Command Prompt As Administrator Window to Any Folder in Windows 8


The normal way of opening a Command Prompt As Administrator window in Windows 8 has one little problem. It always points to c:\windows\system32 once it’s opened. And sometimes I don’t quite like it.

Here I am going to show you a very easy way of doing so.

Set up

Open the new Windows Explorer in Windows 8, go to File menu, Open command prompt, and right click open command prompt as administrator menu, choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

Command Prompt as Admin - add to quick access bar

Once it’s added, it looks like this.

Command Prompt as Admin - added to quick access bar

Now, let’s see how to use it?

Super easy now. Browse to the folder you want to open Command Prompt window with,  click the quick command we just added into the quick access bar, and bang…the Command Prompt window opened with local admin privilege as well as the default location automatically set to the folder you just browsed through.

Command Prompt as Admin - opened with any folder

So, what’s this Quick Access Bar? If you like it, you will appreciate the ribbon Microsoft puts on to Windows Explorer, because the quick access bar is one of the essential elements that cannot live without to almost anyone who likes and uses Ribbon. You can put almost any command buried in Ribbon in it to let you so easily and quickly access them. The Quick Access Bar can be your secret weapon to blow out other who don’t use it.


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