How To Print Documents From Microsoft Office Lens – via iOS/Android App


Earlier this month Microsoft released a cross-platform mobile app, Office Lens, that puts a personal scanner right inside your pocket. Originally released only for Windows Phone, Office Lens is now on its way to iOS and Android. It’s a very useful app that takes another step closer to fully digitize your office and documents. The app is as good as a dedicated scanner in which it takes care of many post editing tasks from a traditional photo snap like flatten the image and lens correction.

It will automatically detects any scannable object, such as letter, print paper, sticky notes, etc. One of the use cases for students might be quickly taking a snap of couple pages of textbook. In this guide we will show you how to print any documents from Microsoft Office Lens to its original quality and size.


When you launch the app in iOS, there are three different mode “Photo”, “Document” and “Whiteboard”. It’s important to note that those mode can be toggled and used in various scenarios. You can switch to “Whiteboard” mode even when scanning a document, and vise versa. The three mode are essentially different ways to post process your document, it differs in color saturation and level of highlights vs shadows.


After the document is done scanning, save to Photo library and use one of the five methods to save the photo on your Windows machine.

Print Office Lens Scanned Documents

Once you have saved the scanned photo, the last step is to print them “correctly”. If you have multiple documents you can multi-select to print in batch to save some repeated clicks.

Print Office Lens

The print picture prompt will ask you the printer in which you want to print to and the quality. It’s important to select the right paper size, here the standard is Letter size. To print the scan document as is you need to make sure unchecked “Fit picture to frame”, which default to be checked.

Print Office Lens

Hit Print when you are done. This way you should be getting the best optimal print qualities as close to the original document.



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