How To Push Your Pocket Articles to Your Kindle Devices


I use Pocket as my read later app for articles I want to read in details. I also have a Kindle eReader I carry everyday to read books during my commute. Since my list of articles I want to read gets longer and longer, I thought it may be helpful if I can push these articles to my Kindle eReader so I can read them on a device that I enjoy reading for a longer period of time.

If you are thinking of the same, and here are 2 ways of doing it.

Using Calibre

Calibre is an awesome eBook management tool to all your eBooks needs. If you are like me, using it to manage your eBooks, do you know it also has a feature built-in called Fetch News that you can use to pull your Pocket articles?

Before you dive into it, make sure you have the latest version of Calibre installed. Once you do, launch Calibre and click on the Fetch News button at the top toolbar.

Double-click the Unknown category, and select Pocket from the list on the left.

Calibre Get News Pocket 600x417 - How To Push Your Pocket Articles to Your Kindle Devices

Put in your Pocket username and password, hit Download now button, you will have an eBook that has all your Pocket articles momentarily.

A few notes you should be aware as well:

  • Your articles on Pocket will be marked as archive once they are downloaded to your Calibre library.
  • You can schedule the download in the program so the new articles can be downloaded into your library automatically according to the schedule, as long as your Calibre program is running.
  • If you are using Instapaper instead of Pocket, you can select Installpaper item from the unknown category.

Using an online service

If you don’t use Calibre, here is an online service that also works. En2Kindle is an online web app that lets send notes from Evernote or articles from Pocket to kindle automatically.

EndKindle - How To Push Your Pocket Articles to Your Kindle Devices

Head over to its Send Pocket to Kindle page, follow up the instruction on page, and you can have it set up within a few minutes. It’s an extremely easy to use app because other than setting things up there are nothing else you need to do.Though you won’t see the result right away, it does work in the end., Everything is automatic,hence, you don’t have any control over it when the articles will be pulled and pushed over to your Kindle. I have mine set up and had to wait a couple of hours to see the articles showed up on my Kindle.

To my preference, I may prefer an online service like en2kindle over the desktop app such as Calibre. But since both work like a charm and do get work done nicely, you will get your Pocket articles pushed to your Kindle, one way or the other.

Enjoy reading…


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