How To Quickly List All IP Addresses Assigned to My Windows Computer


If you have multiple network adapters installed, or are using one of those Virtual Machine clients such as VMware Player, you will likely have multiple IP addresses assigned onto your computer. You can quickly get a list of them by running a classic IPConfig /all, but the output isn’t nearly clear and often you would have to scroll up/down the window to find the right information you want.

So, here is a better and more geek of way getting the information prompt and correct.

1. Open Windows PowerShell Console (Win+R, type in PowerShell, and hit Enter)

2. Run the following cmdlet:


[Net.DNS]::GetHostAddresses('') Output
[Net.DNS]::GetHostAddresses(”) Output
This actually is too much of information. We can strip down further to only list the IP Addresses in the output.


[Net.DNS]::GetHostAddresses('').IPAddressToString Output
[Net.DNS]::GetHostAddresses(”).IPAddressToString Output
That actually looks much better. Let’s see what else we can do further?

If you want to list only the IPv4 addresses, here is what you can use:

[Net.DNS]::GetHostAddresses('').IPAddressToString -like '*.*'

Give it a try and see what you can get.



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