How To Re-associate .themepack File So That It Opens in Display Personalize Directly Again?


One of our audiences left a comment asking for the help:

EVERYTIME I try to open the .theme file it opens in notepad. what do i do?

Good question, instead of replying in the comment, I am sharing the fix here.

The program used to open .themepack file directly in display personalize is called Windows Shell Common DLL, so all you need to do is to re-associate the .themepack file extension to it. You can simply

1. right-click on the themepack file, go to Open With, and select Choose Default Program.


2. make sure the option “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” is checked and double click on Windows Shell Common DLL.


If you don’t see Windows Shell Common Dll in the list, you will then have to manually pick the shell32.dll file from %SystemRoot%\system32 folder.

If you currently don’t have a themepack file to start with, you can also do so from Control Panel.

1. Type “file type” in the search box from the start menu, and select Make a file type always open in a specific program from the list.


2. Find and highlight .themepack from the Name list and click on Change Program… button at the top.


3. Double-click on Windows Shell Common Dll to make the change. Again, if you don’t see it from the list, you will have to manually select the shell32.dll file from %SystemRoot%\system32 folder.

4. Once it’s done, you won’t be able to see the .themepack from Set Associate name list.


That’s about it. Once you’ve gone through either of the method, you should be able to open themepack file properly next time.

The same method can be applied to the other file extension as well.


  1. Hey i changed a .sav file to open as a .txt i need to change it back to a windows shell common dll but . sav is not showing up on the list would anyone be able to help thanks


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